3.9 Release

Tags: metronome, releases

Notable changes since last release:

  • Avatar to VCard Conversion (XEP-0398).
  • HTTP Upload (XEP-0363).
  • Dialback Shortcircuiting (XEP-0344).
  • Push Notifications (XEP-0357).
  • Support for Direct TLS S2S connections (XEP-0368).
  • Overhauled and improved Registration API.
  • GDPR Handling Module.
  • MUC Avatars/Favicons.

Improvements, fixes:

  • General code improvement.
  • Initial, tentative, Lua5.2 support.
  • Yet another fix of Dialback.
  • MUC on-creation locking mechanism.
  • User Locking mechanism.
  • Fix of various outstanding session leaks.
  • Fix of HTTP Parser inefficency.
  • Fix whitelist access model in util.pubsub.
  • Support of disco#items for PEP nodes.
  • Improvement of Adhoc Commands restriction logics.

A compressed version of the sources can be downloaded from GitHub.