3.8 Release

Tags: metronome, releases

Notable changes since last release:

  • Update to latest MAM specification, and add MAM interface for MUC logs.
  • Add support for CSI.
  • Add support for Simple Blocking Command.
  • Add #publish-options PubSub support.
  • Integrate Contact Addresses support in mod_disco.
  • Add SPIM blocking feature (mod_spim_block).
  • Rework component module inheritance, add proper flagging API.

Improvements, fixes:

  • General code cleanup.
  • Newer LuaSec versions support.
  • Add and improve utility API for random hash/code generation.
  • Improve on-register actions of mod_register_json to allow CAS synchronisation.
  • Improved and fixed dialback errors handling.
  • Improved and fixed mod_pep broadcasting, interested resource discovery and “on-demand” service spawn up routines.
  • Fixed Message Carbons and improved behaviour on MUC PMs.
  • Don’t have SM bounce message stanzas if there’re available carbon resources.
  • General MAM/RSM related fixes.

A compressed version of the sources can be downloaded from GitHub.