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  • Metronome 3.14.x released

    You can find a detailed changed log with description of differences from the past release at the changelog page. more

  • Changing versioning

    From now on we'll change versioning, it won't use the current "PAWG" ruleset as it's cumbersome and confusing to mantain, repository wise there will be a master branch which is stable and a … more

  • 3.9 Release

    Tags: metronome, releases

    Notable changes since last release:

    Avatar to VCard Conversion (XEP-0398).

    HTTP Upload (XEP-0363).

    Dialback Shortcircuiting (XEP-0344).

    Push Notifications (XEP-0357).

    Support for Direct TLS S2 … more

  • 3.8.27 Maintenance Release

    Tags: metronome, releases

    This maintenance release mainly addresses Memory Usage issues in mod_http_upload.

    You can obtain the latest release from our repositories or GitHub. more

  • 3.8.25 Minor Release

    Tags: metronome, releases

    This minor release introduces some wanted features like PUSH notifications and Directed TLS support for s2s/c2s, plus several code improvements and bug fixes.

    You can obtain the latest release from … more

  • 3.8.8 Minor Release

    Tags: metronome, releases, important

    This minor addresses several issues and further cleans and improves server code.

    You can find more details and also download it on GitHub. Or read the trunk changelog here. more

  • 3.8.2 Maintenance Release

    Tags: metronome, releases

    This is a minor release containing some new stable features from trunk a few tracebacks fixed into MAM missed in 3.8.1 you can download this from GitHub. more