3.9 (Trunk)

This is the changelog of the current development release of Metronome.

Changes, improvements at v3.8.9:

  1. Better handle all LuaSocket versions url parsing api outputs.
  2. Remove and cleanup MAM API from unused arguments and return values. (3.8.1 maintenance release)
  3. Respect Processing Hints for Offline messages, remove legacy xep-0091 support.
  4. Support SIFT'ing for stanzas:message and sender:remote fine graining, add supporting logic in mod_message.
  5. Cleanup after mod_stanza_optimizations unload, and remove all sessions' layovers.
  6. Advertise Metronome's mam-purge protocol on account disco.
  7. Fix traceback into MAM. (3.8.2 maintenance release)
  8. Deprecate mod_host_guard in favor of mod_gate_guard.
  9. Send forbidden on the right stream during dialback after receiving invalid.
  10. Cleanup and rework TLS requirement code.
  11. Bounce blacklisted entities db:request with "not-allowed" instead of "not-authorized".
  12. Fix global indexing and traceback in mod_pastebin.
  13. Update and homologate minimal password requirements for all servlets in mod_register_json.
  14. Update MUC API, modify and homologate events.
  15. Broadcast room presence with room avatar hash (Experimental).
  16. Fix gate guard hits and auto-banning, expiring comparison was inverted.
  17. Commit a first draft of GDPR compliance module.
  18. Include status 201 on owner self presence during muc room creation.
  19. Implement room locks after creation, and add proper logics to config handlers for instant rooms requesting.
  20. Add PEP events for node creation, deletion, publish, retract and purge.
  21. Implement XEP-0398, User Avatar to vCard Avatar conversion.
  22. Fix loading of inheritable components in mod_admin_telnet. (3.8.8 minor release)
  23. Backport mod_http_upload from Prosody Modules, which implements XEP-0363.
  24. Add header fix exporting in net.http.server.
  25. Make mod_http_upload loadable only on a component, fix disco#info replies and remove dependency on mod_disco.
  26. Improve module spring cleaning, a.k.a. layovers removals and expiration of uploaded content.